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    Blooms of light pink fade to shell pink
  • Out of stock
    Perfectly formed, beautifully fragrant, upward-facing blooms
    Perfectly formed, rich salmon rosettes. A beautifully complex myrrh fragrance. Very healthy, with vigorous, upright, bushy growth.
    • Good for disease resistance
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Exceptional Fragrance
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    Large, deeply cupped blooms with a rich fruity fragrance Large blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow. Strong, beautiful myrrh fragrance. Repeats well.
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    One of the most beautiful yellow English Roses One of our most beautiful yellow roses with exquisite cup-shaped flowers. Pleasant tea fragrance. Attractive bushy growth. Excellent repeat-flowering. Good for disease resistance Repeat Flowering Highly Fragrant
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    Neatly arranged rosettes with a strong fruity fragrance Glorious, neatly formed rosettes of a lovely apricot-orange with a strong, fruity fragrance. A well-rounded, slightly arching growth. Repeat Flowering Highly Fragrant Ideal for shade
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    Voted the World's Favourite Rose

    An award-winning rose with cupped blooms in an unusually rich shade of yellow. Lovely fresh tea fragrance with hints of violets. Upright, bushy and vigorous growth.
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Highly Fragrant
    • Voted The World’s Favourite Rose
  • Out of stock

    Large, domed, deliciously fragrant blooms produced freely

    Impressive, domed flowers in an unusual shade of rich salmon-pink. Very healthy and reliable.
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Exceptional Fragrance
    • Ideal for pots and containers
  • Out of stock
    • Blooms all season
    • Superb disease resistance
    • Variety of colors
  • Out of stock
    • This beautiful & hardy Easy Elegance® selection carries masses of apricot-pink, fluffy, double blooms in repeating clusters on short, compact bushes of glossy, green disease resistant foliage
    • Flowers reliably from early summer to frost

    4" and 6" pot size with foil cover
    • Variety of colors
    • Mature plant in #3 size pot
    • Many varieties to choose from. Please note at checkout which variety or color is preferred.
    • Detailed descriptions and pictures can be found at:
    • About Face
    • All Dressed Up
    • America
    • Angel Face
    • Blaze Improved
    • Celestial Night
    • Ch-Ching
    • Chicago Peace
    • Colorific
    • Coretta Scott King
    • Dick Clark
    • Doris Day
    • Double Delight
    • Dream Come True
    • Drop Dead Red
    • Easy Does It
    • Easy On The Eyes
    • Easy Spirit
    • Ebb Tide
    • Firefighter
    • Fragrant Plum
    • Frida Kahlo
    • Full Saint
    • Gingersnap
    • George Burns
    • Gold Medal
    • Good As Gold
    • Iceberg
    • In Your Eyes
    • Intrigue
    • Julia Child
    • Jump For Joy
    • Ketchup & Mustard
    • Lady In Red
    • Lasting Love
    • Life Of The Party
    • Livin Easy
    • Love
    • Love At First Sight
    • Love Magic
    • Love Song
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Miss All American Beauty
    • Miss Congeniality
    • Mister Lincoln
    • Neil Diamond
    • New Dawn
    • Oh My
    • Opening Night
    • Parade Day
    • Peace
    • Perfume Delight
    • Pope John Paul II
    • Pretty Lady Rose
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Queen Of Elegance
    • Rio Samba
    • Rosie The Riveter
    • Royal Gold
    • Sally Holmes
    • Sky's The Limit
    • Sparkle & Shine
    • State Of Grace
    • Strike It Rich
    • Sugar Moon
    • Sunset Happy Trails
    • Take It Easy
    • The Fairy
    • Touch Of Class
    • Twilight Zone
    • Violet Pride
    • We Salute You

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