Create a private outdoor living space with these plants

By Russell M. Gullo

Creating a private area to enjoy in one’s yard is one of the most satisfying home improvements that can be done. Enjoying the
outdoors with family and friends surrounded by beautiful plants and landscaping, whether it be a cookout, backyard soccer with
the kids, or a fun game of bocce ball or croquet, is one of life’s simple pleasures.




One of the most popular and effective options, arborvitaes have a dense growth pattern and grow tall and narrow, creating an attractive
evergreen screen. Arborvitae will reach heights of 15′ or more, and are an excellent option for year-round privacy. Hardy and not fussy,
arborvitae can thrive in a number of different locations, from full sun, to shadier areas. For a slower growing, more formal look, choose
Emerald Green Arborvitae. For maximum height and privacy, choose Virescens Arborvitae.













Vicary Golden Privet

A twist on the classic privet hedge, Vicary Golden Privet provides a brilliant yellow wall of dense foliage when planted in sunny areas.
In summer, clusters of white flowers perfume the air. Fast-growing, durable, and easy to grow, this plant is a great, affordable option
for creating quick privacy. It will reach heights of 8-’10’ tall, and in milder winters is semi-evergreen.













Blue Arrow Juniper

Attractive silvery blue foliage provides a dense, formal screen. Reaching heights of 12′-15′, Blue Arrow Juniper provides maximum
privacy. The growth pattern is upright and narrow; perfect for lining a property border. Do you have problems with deer eating
your plants? These juniper are deer and rabbit resistant!













Clump Autumn Blaze Maple

This unique form of maple has the same characteristics of the classic Autumn Blaze Maple, but in clump form, with low branching
for privacy. A cross between a red maple and a silver maple, this tree will stun in fall with brilliant scarlet foliage. Fast-growing,
this tree is a great option for an instant effect.













This popular evergreen is perfect for creating a graceful, naturalistic privacy screen. With attractive, dense, wispy green foliage,
this evergreen tree will reach heights of over 20 feet and provide year-round privacy. For more formal hedges, the Emerald
Fountain® Canadian Hemlock is an excellent option as well.













Hakuro Nishiki Willow

This fast-growing shrub is excellent as a hedge. With gorgeous pink, white, and green foliage, it is sure to be a focal point in any
yard. Hakuro Nishiki Willow also excels in wet areas where other plants fail. It reaches heights of 15′ for maximum privacy.













Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

A native plant to our area, this small tree has a number of great features beyond privacy. In spring it impresses with fragrant
white flowers, followed by small purple/black fruit. The fruit is edible, tasting similar to blueberries and is often used in jams
and jellies. In fall, it turns a showy orange-red color. Grows to heights of 15′-20′.


Norway Spruce

With dense, dark green needles, this tree easily blocks out neighbors, as well as wind. Disease-resistant and hardy, the Norway Spruce
has a fast growth rate and will ultimately reach heights of over 30 feet tall.